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International Relations of APPEC

APPEC is seeking the contact to other major organizations funding Astroparticle Physics and policy makers and transnational institutions in this field. Please send email to the APPEC Contact Office if your institution (ministry, funding agency, or designated institution) is interested to join.

APPEC is already in touch with transnational institutions such as CERN, ESA, ESO, and JINR:

2012: Dubna Communique 2013: CERN-ESA-ESO-JINR Report
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In order to intensify the relations between European and Russian Astroparticle Physics communities a series of APPEC-Russian events has been launched in 2016. The first event was organized at Lake Baikal, the location of the Baikal GVD Neutrino Observatory and the TAIGA experiment in the near by Tunka Valley:

Go to the conference page and check out the presentations of the Lake Baikal Three Messenger Conference. Purpose of this event was to call up all Astroparticle Physics topics that already map sources to the sky.

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