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 ====== Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructures ====== ====== Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructures ======
 +Within the frame of ASPERA good practice in building up new research infrastructures in Europe has been assessed and described in the "linking of existing Infrastructures" report. A project management framework and a report on project monitoring as well as a proposal for the synchronisation of project planning and implementation has been worked out for future Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructure:
 +^ 2009                                                                      ^ 2012                                                                  ^ 2013                                                              ^                                                                                  ^
 +| {{wiki:ASPERA1_Linking_RI.png}}                                           | {{wiki:PM_framework.png}}                                             | {{wiki:ProjectMonitoring.png}}                                    | {{wiki:D5.5_5.8-Synchronization_Implementation.png}}                             |
 +| {{documents:ASPERA1_Linking_of_Institutions-Report.pdf|Open in new tab}}  | {{documents:D5.13_Project_Management_Framework.pdf|Open in new tab}}  | {{documents:D5.11-ProjectMonitoring-Report.pdf|Open in new tab}}  | {{documents:D5.5_5.8-Synchronization_Implementation_final.pdf|Open in new tab}}  |
 +This work is associated with the [[roadmapping|roadmapping]] process and the documents serve as guidelines for building up Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructure.
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