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 ====== Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructures ====== ====== Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructures ======
-Within the frame of ASPERA a report has been written to describe the different solutions in Europe to build up new research infrastructures.+Within the frame of ASPERA good practice in building up new research infrastructures in Europe has been assessed and described in the "linking of existing Infrastructures" reportA project management framework and a report on project monitoring has been worked out for future Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructure:
-2017                                                              2018                                               +2009                                                                      ^ 2012                                                                  ^ 2013                                                                                                                                               
-| {{wiki:ASPERA1_Linking_RI.png}}                                              | {{wiki:questionmark.png}}                          +| {{wiki:ASPERA1_Linking_RI.png}}                                           | {{wiki:PM_framework.png}}                                             | {{wiki:ProjectMonitoring.png}}                                    | {{wiki:D5.5_5.8-Synchronization_Implementation.png}}                             
-[[|Register for the event]]  [[|Suggest a topic]]  |+{{documents:ASPERA1_Linking_of_Institutions-Report.pdf|Open in new tab}}  | {{documents:D5.13_Project_Management_Framework.pdf|Open in new tab}}  {{documents:D5.11-ProjectMonitoring-Report.pdf|Open in new tab}}  | {{documents:D5.5_5.8-Synchronization_Implementation_final.pdf|Open in new tab}}  |
 +This work is associated with the [[roadmapping|roadmapping]] process and the documents serve as guidelines for building up Astroparticle Physics Research Infrastructure.
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